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Visit to the Ottenshoes

When visiting Orvelte, it is best to start with a visit to the Orvelte Poort.  There you can get all the necessary information about the village and its surroundings.  A visit to the  Ottenshoes (‘the Ottens’ house’) is strongly recommended for a good overview of Orvelte’s history.  Our guides in the Ottenshoes are happy to take you on a tour of the heritage farmhouse, and you can view the film Het Orvelte Dagboek (‘Orvelte diary’).  Also, there are often demonstrations of traditional skills. 



Adults € 4,00 p.p.
Children 5 t/m 14 years € 2,00 p.p.
Family (2adults plus 2 children) € 8,50 p.p.
Group (10 people or more) € 3,50 p.p.

Wheelchair Hire You can hire a wheelchair at Ottenshoes for €12.50, of which €10 is a deposit.
Parking Orvelte cost €3,00 a day.


Opening times:
10am – 5pm

The Ottenshoes is open from 1 April to the end of the autumn school break.